Deciding to become an electrician is a wise choice if you want a career where you can challenge your mind, work in an ever-growing field, and make a great amount of money. Through 2020, the field is expected to grow as much as 23%, which means that you can have a job potentially anywhere you want. Whether you work in the industrial or residential sector, being an electrician has many rewards. Here are things you should know as you prepare for trade school to start your new, lucrative career.

Schooling varies

It can take you anywhere from a few months to a few years to complete electrician school. Some colleges offer trade schooling in just a few months, while others can allow you to get an associate's degree in the field that can make you more skilled in the eyes of potential employers. Even after completing your schooling, you may be required to do many years of an apprenticeship under an expert, licensed electrician at the company that eventually hires you. While going to a trade school can speed up your training and get you a job much sooner, have an open mind on extending your learning so you can become more in demand when it comes to getting employed.

Tests matter

Even after you graduate from a trade school, you will have to take state and national tests to certify as an electrician. Some states have their own testing you need to take, even on a local level. A common test you will become familiar with in trade school is the National Electrical Code, which covers the following:

  • safe practices for wires and installation
  • boilers, heaters, and other types of electrical installs
  • current codes and safety practices
  • grounding and other electrical processes

Your trade school instructor can help you pick a program to prepare you for certain tests that you will need to take, and you can also study online for many certifications that can help you succeed in the field of electrical work. Make sure you pick a trade school elective that prepares you for state certification as part of your program training so you are ready to take any testing you will need to finalize your training.

Going to electrician trade school is a great way to expand your career and allow you to make more money doing something you love. As you prepare to go to school, make sure you know how long your training will take, and get ready for further testing after graduation so you can become a licensed electrician. For more information on electrician trade school, check out websites like